ABC Preschool


ABC Preschool & Kindergarten is for children 18 months to Kindergarten (children must be classroom age by September 1st of the school year).

Days Offered: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Preschool Hours: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Kindergarten Hours: 9:15 AM - 2:45 PM

2019-2020 Tuition:
Preschool: $220/month per child
Kindergarten: $230/month per child

School Term: September - Mid May

Each of our teachers has a Christian testimony, a love of teaching, and a strong desire to see children reach their full potential.

ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Director: Melissa Weatherford
ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Assistant: Cynthia Robinson



The purpose of ABC Preschool & Kindergarten at Fellowship Bible Church is to provide a program of excellence that is Christian, moral, and safe to meet the spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and academic needs of preschool and kindergarten children, as well as to extend Christian Ministry to the families of ABC. Our purpose is to glorify God as we seek to reflect His image in our lives. We will present the gospel of Jesus Christ. All teachers, personnel, and volunteers will serve as ministers of the Gospel, based on doctrinal standards established, interpreted, and published by the FBC Board of Elders.


Each class uses a variety of learning centers, activities, and materials to educate the whole child. Our curriculum is based on the fact that children learn best through play.

KINDERGARTEN - Uses Saxon Kindergarten Phonics and Math, as well as some of Saxon’s 1st grade concepts.

PRE-K - Uses Saxon Pre-K Math curriculum and concepts from Saxon Phonics for Kindergarten curriculum as preschoolers take academic steps toward kindergarten readiness.

3 YEAR OLDS - Uses Saxon Early Education curriculum to learn age-appropriate concepts.

18 MONTH - 2 YEAR OLDS - Introduces numbers and alphabet and provides age-appropriate experiences to stimulate development.

Using Gospel Light Bible Curriculum, teachers of each age group will begin to build a foundation of knowledge of Jesus Christ. Through storytelling, flannel boards, crafts and activities, children will learn Bible stories and concepts that will lead to spiritual growth. In addition to regular classroom activities, we strive to foster an appreciation of fine arts within our students. During each semester of the preschool year, we offer a specialty class that allows the children to sample a specific area of the arts. Some examples of the classes we may offer are visual art, music, sign language, creative movement, and Spanish. 


ABC Preschool & Kindergarten has an online Parent Portal where parents can do the following:

  • Update personal data - address, phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact information
  • View invoices and billing history
  • Pay your tuition online by check or credit/debit card

You must have a username and password to log into the Parent Portal. If you have not received your login information, please contact Cynthia Robinson,   or call 918-481-0430.



We want families to be well-informed about what's happening at ABC Preschool & Kindergarten as well as the many opportunities at Fellowship Bible Church where you can visit and get to know our members and their families. To do this, we send home monthly newsletters and occasional flyers and postcards. 

Please check your child's backpack each day to make sure you receive the latest information and stay informed about what is happening at school!


ABC Preschool & Kindergarten staff and teachers are here to serve our children and parents. We encourage parents to get involved with their kids by providing opportunities to attend special events and celebrations. 

We have special times for you and your child to share in what they're learning and experiencing at school and to celebrate their accomplishments. We also love for parents to share their gifts, skills, and/or occupation with their child's class, or even just read a book during library time. 


FBC also offers a variety of support to parents and families of ABC children. Please select the link below to view what these ministries offer.