Facility Request

Our facilities and grounds are used for a wide variety of events; such as concerts, weddings, funerals, community meetings, city and county elections, and banquets; and can accommodate groups large and small. We can also provide audio & video support for events. If you would like to rent one of our outstanding facilities, please fill out the facilities request form at the bottom of the page. Please submit your request before Thursday at noon.

Fellowship Bible Church reserves the right to deny usage of our facilities and grounds by any group or for any event.  


Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life! This sacred occasion invokes the blessing of God in celebration of your marriage. It should be a worship experience for the bride and groom, the families, the wedding party, and all of the guests in identifying the sacredness of the marriage covenant and expressing the Lordship of Christ. 

  • Our Chapel can accommodate approximately 250 people, and our Worship Center can accommodate 500 people comfortably.
  • When you utilize our facilities, the wedding and wedding rehearsal includes our wedding coordinator and an audio/video support person.
  • For an additional cost, the multi-purpose room may be reserved for the reception following the wedding.
  • Fellowship Bible Church will provide setup and take down of tables and chairs.
  • We have a variety of decorating items available for your use.
  • All music, photography, flowers, linens, decorating, catering and serving are provided by the wedding party.
  • It is desirable that an FBC pastor performs the wedding, including a minimum of 12 hours (six to eight sessions) of pre-marital counseling prior to the ceremony.
  • All other outside officiants must be approved by one of our pastors or our Board of Elders prior to scheduling your wedding. 

Fellowship Bible Church invites you as an FBC member or member of our surrounding community to get acquainted with our facilities, pre-marital counseling, wedding fees, policies and procedures. Please complete the facilities request form below so that our facilities coordinator can contact you to discuss availability and/or to make an appointment for your initial walkthrough.

Should you have any further questions regarding our facilities, please the church office at (918) 481-1445.

Our Board of Elders reserves the right to deny usage of our facility for a wedding, reception, or any other event that is not in accordance with the Biblical standards for marriage. Weddings for non-members may not be scheduled more than 120 days in advance.