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 Although Jesus taught in large groups wherever He traveled, His most effective ministry was accomplished with a few close people - His twelve disciples.  We believe this to be an effective model for ministry. As you can see to the left, we minister in a variety of group settings. 
Ministry Groups
Our ministries are designed to serve and support the people of FBC as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and with others. These ministries provide many opportunities for you to meet and build relationships with others and work alongside others in serving the church and the community. Check out the ministry areas listed on the left and see how you can become engaged in the body of Christ with us!
Small Groups
We believe that small groups provide a more intimate setting that fosters closer relationships with one another, relationships that allow us to support and encourage one another in our walk with God and our personal ministry to others. 
We offer the following small groups:
    Life-to-Life (L2L) Groups - Small groups for adults, college age and up. These groups are formed around certain
    characterisics such as geographic location, stage of life, children, meeting times, etc., and meet on a regular basis for
    the purposes of Evangelism, Discipleship, Equipping, and Fellowship.
    Student CellsSmall groups for students offered through the Youth Ministry.  
Serving Groups
Serving groups are the individuals and teams formed around specific serving opportunities, or what we call Works of Service, within the FBC body. These opportunities are defined by each ministry and are vital to the function of the ministry. Whether your interest is in serving children, women, men, or families, or in music, graphics, safety, teaching, grounds maintenance, etc., there is a place for you to serve at FBC.
Check out the Works of Service Handbook to see all opportunities.