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Evangelizing / Making Disciples / Planting Churches

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8 

Fellowship Bible Church is involved in sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ both locally and internationally.  We partner with existing agencies and ministries to minister through community care, medical services, printing of Christian literature, pastor training, teaching, evangelism, sports, orphanage ministry, counseling, student care and discipleship, and community churches in strategic locations. 
Why are we involved in missions? 
"Plain and simple, Fellowship Bible Church is involved in missions because it is what Jesus commanded us to do!  His parting words to his disciples included “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matt 28:19) and “you shall be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8) to parts near and far…extending to the ends of the earth.  After Jesus’ ascension, those disciples relentlessly and passionately proclaimed the Gospel message just as their Savior had commanded them to do…and the command has not changed…even in the 21st century!  It is both privilege and priority to be on mission for our Savior, and we as a local body of believers will continue to passionately pursue opportunities to share the Good News with those who have not yet come to faith in Jesus Christ."   ~Eric Bryan, FBC Lead Pastor       
Missions Team

Our Missions Team consists of a number of task forces which work both independently and still function in unity to ensure our local body is informed and involved as well as making certain our workers on the field are well care for and have provisions.
The tasks forces and leaders are:
Administration --Neil Beasley
Financial Inquiry --Ron Bebee
Missionary Care --Muriel McKee
Prayer Team--Ashley Grice
Short Term Trips --Hayden Davis
Local Outreach --Bryan Lapo
Communications --Susan Grice
You may contact any task force leader through the church office or at missions@fbctulsa.org.