Global Member Care


Keeping the global body of Christ healthy, encouraged, and supported through prayer, communication, and shared resources.


Our goal is to abundantly love and serve FBC-supported workers around the world, providing for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs to the best of our abilities, through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Global Member Care stays in contact with our workers on US soil and those working internationally, covering their needs in prayer, visiting them to pray with them and encourage them, listening to them share their victories and trials, and helping them connect to the FBC body. Global Member Care assists with needs that arise when workers visit, and it also sends resources to workers on the field.


L-R: Jim Parris, Arline Parris, Michael Stansell, Ashley Grice, Jeni Newsome, Karen Campbell, Michelle Stansell, Gayla Thomas, & Walter Thomas

The Global Member Care Task Force is made up of lay people from the FBC congregation with varied knowledge and skills.  Affectionately known as “teamers”, we have over 75 combined years of experience in the world of global Kingdom service.  Each "teamer" has served overseas in at least one capacity and has been on numerous short-term trips, both state-side and abroad. We know first-hand how joyous and difficult ministry can be, especially in other cultures. Some "teamers" have backgrounds in counseling and pastoral care, while others are strong intercessors, experienced in hospitality, computers, education, engineering, and graphic design.

No matter your educational background or vocation in life, if you have a desire to see God’s Kingdom come on earth and His people strengthened for the battle, you could play a vital role on our team.  

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month to discuss and plan ways to care for and meet the needs of our workers.

ELEMENTS of global member care


  • Stay in touch through email/phone calls
  • Share church news and other things from the home front
  • Send birthday/holiday cards
  • Skype with workers during L2L meetings, prayer groups, parties, etc.
  • Share our prayer requests with them


  • Provide debriefing
  • Counsel 
  • Provide recovery retreats
  • Make personal visits for comfort while home
  • Provide prayer support


  • Arrange lodging, transportation, etc.
  • Provide welcome baskets
  • Host luncheons or receptions to hear reports from workers
  • Arrange play dates for kids
  • Invite workers to Bible studies, social groups, coffee, etc.


  • Load boxes of goodies just for fun or birthdays/holidays, etc.
  • Items requested by workers
  • Cards and photos from church body
  • Holiday decorations


  • Overnight trips on weekends to visit those within driving distance.
  • Longer trips overseas or those not within driving distance.

Prayer and Encouragement

  • Spend strategic time in prayer with them; meet those they are praying for; hear the requests they can't put in their newsletters
  • See what daily life and ministry is like
  • Go to church with them
  • Counsel with them through prayer
  • Love on them

Counsel and Pastoral Care

  • Debrief difficult situations
  • Talk through team issues, marriage issues, etc.


  • Meet monthly to prayer for worker's prayer requests
  • Receive worker's newsletters and prayer requests via email
  • Communicate with workers to let them know we prayed for them each month
  • Hold special prayer meetings when workers are in town to engage and pray with them personally

strategy & goals


We as a team have a proactive approach to caring for our workers. To the best of our abilities, we anticipate needs and intentionally reach out and initiate communication instead of waiting until we're made aware of needs/desires by the workers themselves.


Employing the various elements of Global Member Care happens on an individual basis throughout the year, proactively, and as needs and opportunities arise.


We take up to 4 international trips each year (as the budget allows).

We take up to 8 domestic trips each year (as the budget allows). 


Member Care is in need of assistance from the FBC body to meet the ever-increasing concerns of the more than 30 worker families this church supports. Please take the time to fill out the form below and consider how you might care for visiting workers by loaning needed items or volunteering to serve. Member Care is also looking to add new teammates to help with this growing privilege of care. So, ask about joining our team today!

Member Care

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Temporary Housing

Extended Housing

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Baby / Child Equipment to Loan

Services to Offer

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Opportunities to Serve FBC's Visiting Workers

"Member" and "Worker" refer to FBC supported missionaries, and are used to protect our workers in dangerous places of ministry.

For more information related to Global Member Care, please contact Ashley,