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Short Term Missions

The FBC Short Term Missions Task Force enables people from our body to go wherever the Lord desires. Our focus is on short term trips, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Our Missions Executive Task Force has identified a number of areas both locally and internationally where FBC can focus people and resources to have a significant and strategic impact, often in support of missionaries and missions organizations with whom we already partner.

The Short Term Missions Task Force will strategize and plan specific trips, recruit and equip people who have (or desire to develop) specific talents, experience, and skills, and enable them to get into the mission field. We desire that each trip fit into a well thought out strategic plan for that area of missions.


Ethiopia | May 5-14

Our FBC Missionaries, John and Kay McNally, need 5-6 health professionals for medical evangelism clinics.Help establish new indigenous churches in rural Ethiopia. Partner with passionate Ethiopian evangelists and church planters. 

Cost about $3,000 USD / person. Includes air-fare, guest house in Addis, transportation to villages, and medicines.

Canada | July 28-August 6-7

Our FBC partner, Peter Michael, needs 12 Senior High through adults with strong science aptitude and desire to share Jesus with South Asian children in Canada.Training in sharing the Gospel with South Asians. Curriculum and materials all developed—will train and prep before trip. Organized fund raising opportunities.

Cost $800 - 850 USD / person. Includes transportation, lodging, and food.


  • Many areas of service supporting John and Kay McNally in central Ethiopia. Tasks include: discipleship training for church leaders, Bible and basic theological education for pastors and evangelists, ministry to abandoned women at The Well House, ESL ministry, and VBS-type programs in Christian schools, sports ministry, construction and infrastructure projects, and small field medical teams to aid evangelism in rural, underserved areas. Trips will last about a week and cost $2500-$3000 for transportation, room and board, and ministry expenses.
  • Summer FBC youth outreach programs to McAllen, Texas, and other U.S. cities
  • Evangelizing South Asian young people living in Canada through science camps
  • Supporting Christian workers in Central China through service in their international Christian fellowship
  • Discipleship ministry to orphans and staff in Uganda in partnership with Bless The Children Ministry
  • Travel and ministry partner with Ronda Tyson on her trips to Mali in west Africa
  • Ministry partner and developer for Business As Missions with Jerry Ledford’s Life Steps Ministry in Colombia
  • Special outreach projects on college campuses
  • Service on the Short Term Missions Task Force


It is our desire to be good stewards, both financially and spiritually, of the resources that God has given us.  We also strive to prepare our teams to show unity in Christ and a heart of service to those we will meet. 

To help us achieve this, we require each team member to commit to: 

  • Contribute one's own funds for the trip, either through personal means or fundraising activities. For special, high-value strategic trips, FBC can provide limited financial assistance
  • Function as a full member of a missions team through participation in planning and preparation, respect and submission to the team’s leadership, and flexibility and humility in adapting to unforeseen circumstances
  • Live out their Christian life in personal devotion, Scripture study, prayer, and community life as a disciple of Jesus


  • Passports, visa, and passport photos
  • Prayer and fundraising letters and postage
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal meals separate from the team
  • Some tourist-type events (most team activities like sightseeing are included in the cost; you’ll be notified in advance of non-covered expenses). If, after times of prayer, your Lord is calling you to service, contact the Short Term Missions Task Force through the form below.

Also, if you have a suggestion for a trip we should consider, please fill out the following form. One of our Task Force members will connect with you.


Short Term Missions Request

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Our Short Term Missions Task Force Chair, Kim Campbell, would be delighted to meet with you to discuss any topic related to short term missions at FBC. Contact him at