Our Mission

Go Make Disciples to the Glory of God

With our mission in mind, our goal is to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ. We call this GMD²: Go Make Disciples Who Make Disciples


[goh] / verb - Having gone; pursuing journey already entered; follow.

We GO in two dimensions: directional (sphere of influence) & temporal (lifestyle)

Make Disciples

[meyk + dih-sahy-puh ls] / action-verb - Teaching; instruction; to follow precepts and instructions.

This is seen through:

  • Gospel Based Preaching
  • Gospel Centered Evangelism
  • Gospel Saturated Sanctification
  • Gospel Driven Instruction

We Go Make Disciples who:

  • John 8:31 - “continue in God's word”
  • John 13:35 - “have love for one another”
  • John 15:8 - “bear much fruit”
  • Luke 14:26-33 - “carry their own cross and follow Jesus" 

As disciples we are sent by Jesus on mission, everywhere!

  • Matthew 18:18-20 – of all the nations”
  • Acts 1:8 – “Be my witnesses, to all Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the Earth.”