Current Series

Strong Faith

Who Is Like God? Discoveries from the Book of Micah

The meaning of the Old Testament prophet Micah’s name says it all: Who Is Like God? He is unique, complete and perfect in His justice, compassion, holiness, and mercy. And the reality that He saves people was then and is now our ultimate hope! God's ways and works almost 3,000 years ago in Micah’s times are still His ways and works in our times today, and times haven’t changed. Come see Him as He really is…and who He calls us to be!

Making Disciples Like Jesus

Here are some thoughts as we study during this series:

  • Jesus' mission has been passed on to us.
  • Its an "all of life" mission.
  • It is accomplished only through being with Jesus and being empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Like the disciples, we can be plagued by doubt/divided priorities.
  • Like Jesus, we should live a fully committed life with a vision as big as the world.