Social Media

At Fellowship Bible Church, we consider social media an opportunity for us to grow closer together in community. In order to best serve you and your family with the latest information, announcements, and opportunities, you can find us on these platforms.



Social Media Engagement

We are eager to connect and communicate with you through social media and appreciate feedback of all kinds, but please note that if you do not follow these guidelines, your post or message could result in your post being removed or you personally being banned from our social media accounts. Fellowship Bible Church of Tulsa is a church family that is engaging the Bible, pursuing Christ-centered relationships, and sharing the good news of Jesus and will filter social media posts/messages through this mission. Our social media pages are public, which means that anyone can see your posts and they may even show up in search engine results (Google or Bing).

Fellowship Bible Church of Tulsa is only responsible for our own posts on on social media pages, not those of others. We ask that each person participating abide by these guidelines:

  • Stay on topic and be hospitable and respectful to others.
  • Refrain from using profane language or making any inflammatory remarks.
  • Do not share any obscene or pornographic media of any kind.
  • Do not post any copyrighted material without permission of the original owner.
  • Never post any confidential account or personal information. We will never ask you for confidential personal information through social media.

The administrators of social media pages are Fellowship Bible Church of Tulsa employees and/or members and we will make every effort to respond to each comment or message in a timely fashion. Please note that due to the volume of communication we receive, we cannot guarantee that we will reply to every comment or message. If you wish to speak to someone over the phone, give us a call at (918) 481-1445.